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The Giara

The island within an island.

The Giara is a vast basaltic high plateau, approximately 45 square kilometres in area, and almost entirely covered in cork oaks.

It has many interesting peculiarities; the Paulis (seasonal ponds), the Mitzas (springs), the huge meadows of asphodel, the cysts which stretches as far the eye can see.

Above all, there are the wild horses which live here in complete freedom. They are miniature horses, 1.20m to the shoulder, not to be confused with ponies. Despite their small size, they have the elegance of horses.

The flora of the Giara consist of cork oak, myrtle, cysts, euphorbia, mastic, the strawberry tree, heather, several varieties of orchid, crocuses and several species unique to the Giara.

As the season change, so do the colours of the Giara, giving it an ever-changing beauty.

The Giara is also very interesting because of the many remains from the Nuragic period. Nuragic towers completely encircle the plateau, turning what was naturally an ideal defensive position into an impregnable fortress. Plans are under way to make the Giara into a Regional park, to proctet its unique and fascinating environment.