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Walking Tours

Walking paths for everyone, some of those more challenging for the more experienced some one more easy are also suitable for children

The nature has been kind to us and has provided a fascinating territory.

Trails that border the shoreline and trails that lead us up to a thousand meters.All within a few kilometers.

  • The Sinis Peninsula with its paths that snake near the sea and ponds, through dazzling white beaches and cliffs which rest on the crystal clear waters.
  • The Montiferru with woods and rocks sculpted by the wind. Getting on the highest points and remain amazed for the immensity of the landscape that is presented to you.
  • The Costa Verde with the mining archeology that creates incredible landscapes and imposing dunes that accompany you to the sea.
  • The Monte Arci where walking on the paths covered of shimmering obsidian, surround by majestic ilex and cork oaks, you hear the gurgling of the sources and springs
  • The Giara, a magical and unique landscape where nature has created a very special ecosystem and where wild horses graze.